Scottish Open Walking Scorers Required! (Dundonald, 12-16th July)

Ng Scorers 

AAM (Aberdeen Asset Management) Scottish Open 2017 (12-16 July)

I am currently recruiting volunteers to act as  WALKING SCORERS  for the above European Tour tournament which will take place over the Dundonald Links from
12-16 July 2017.

The Walking Scorer’s role is to provide the scores for the tournament scoring system and is the first vital link in the flow of information to the Scoreboards upon which the players, spectators, the media and TV depend.  During the tournament, each game will be allocated a walking scorer who inputs the players’ scores onto a Score Card and then into a hand-held computer (PDA).  In case you have never scored before, I must emphasise these are very user-friendly.  A Score Board Carrier will also be allocated to each game and should walk with you for the duration of the round.

Please note that all walking scorers will be allocated at least 3 games (one of which could be the Pro-Am event on the Wednesday).

If you would rather volunteer for one of the other scoring roles e.g. leaderboards or board carrying or even the marshalling role, you can still contact me and I will pass your details on to the appropriate person in charge.

Each volunteer should have a fairly good knowledge of golf scoring and the rules, although referees are on course to keep us right.  You will be provided with uniform and tournament tickets (details tbc) and must be at least 18 years of age.

Anyone interested in joining the Walking Scorers’ team please contact me to find out more about volunteering or note your interest to be involved.  It’s good fun and you also get a chance to be inside the ropes to watch some of the worlds’ best players!

Claire Harper
Walking Scorer Manager

Contact details:  e-mail -  or  mobile 07399 467682