Congratulations to Renfrewshire on winning the Inter-County Match week at Cardross.  My thanks to all the Ayrshire team members who tried so hard to keep hold of the salver we won last year, but it was not to be - there will always be next year!!  My thanks also to Vice-Captain Sheila and President Eila for their on-going support and encouragement, to all those who gallantly pulled trolleys, some twice in one day! and for the cards and good wishes sent by members.  Next year's meeting will be held at Bothwell Castle, Lanarkshire, where I hope to see lots more trolley-pullers and supporters.



For some video of the jamboree go to  URTV Ayrshire.  There is an interview with our Captain Sandie and Connie Jaffrey.


Some pictures of our team mascot - a frog who was called Fergus but has been renamed Fandango!


June Kerr reports from Jamboree:

Pity the team didn't get a win out of either of the first two days but they were agonisingly close with all those last hole results. I pulled for Connie this afternoon which was great - she tweaked a few tee shots and fairway woods right over the first few holes but she sorted it out and came good. They halved the first 3 in par, then Connie bogied 4th to lose it, opponent birdied the par 3 so 2 down but all square by the 9th and kept that winning streak going to win by 3/2. It was lovely to watch the ball striking and a gorgeous afternoon.

Some photos from June:
Our Team

Connie with the team mascot


Results of the Monday morning foursomes - Ayrshire v Lanarkshire (Ayrshire names first)

Rachel McQueen and Connie Jaffrey lost to Mary Hughes and Lesley Lloyd  -1
Lesley Hendry and Jenny Linklater drew with Susan McGrenachan and Susan Wood
Linzi Allan and Mhairi McKay beat Fiona Morris and Ruth Rankin   +1

Results of the afternoon singles:

Rachel McQueen lost to Susan Wood -1
Lesley Hendry beat Emma Caddow +1
Catherine Malcolm lost to Susan McGranachan  -1
Audrey Thomson lost to Fiona  Morris 3/2
Linzi Allan lost to Ruth Rankin -1
Jenny Linklater lost to Lesley Lloyd 2/1

Points after day 1:  Ayrshire   2.5   Lanarkshire   6.5

 Renfrewshire   6.5                    D&A  2.5.

County Championship Cardross
Day 2                                     Ayrshire               v                          D & A

Linzi Allan                                                                                        Nichola Ferguson
Mhairi McKay                    Lost 3/2                                                Jill Meldrum                      

Lesley Hendry                                                   v                               Anne Laing                                         
Jenny Linklater                  all square                                          Jordan Ferrie                                     

Audrey Thompson                                          v                     Laura McGeachy                             
Connie Jaffrey                   won 8/6                                     Lorraine Campbell          

Total                                      1.5                                                          1.5                         

Lesley Hendrie    lost to Nichola Ferguson    1 hole
Rachel McQueen beat Jordan Ferrie               1 hole
Connie Jaffrey beat Sheena McDonald           3/2
Catherine Malcolm lost to Laura McGeachy  1 hole
Audrey Thomson lost to Jull Meldrum            1 hole
Mhairi McKay lost to Anne Laing                  2/1

Total for day 2     Ayrshire 3.5     D&A 5.5
                                  Renfrewshire   7      Lanarkshire  2             



Audrey Thomson and Connie Jaffrey losr 6/5 to Alyson McKechin and Eilidh Briggs
Lesley Hendry and Jenny Linklater drew with Megan Briggs and Lindsay Stevenson
Linzi Allan and Catherine Malcolm won 3/2 v Donna Jackson and Liz Stewart

Rachael McQueen lost 5/4 v Alyson McKechin
Lesley Hendry won 3/2 v Donna Jackson
Connie  Jaffrey lost 6/5 v Linsey Stevenson
Mhairi McKay lost 2 down v Eilidh Briggs
Linzi Allan lost 2/1 v gillian Kyle
Catherine Malcolm lost 7/6 v Megan Briggs

Ayrshire 2.5   Renfrewshire  6.5
Lanarkshire 6   D and A  3

The County champions are Renfrewshire


The inter county foursomes final was held yesterday (11th June) at Hamilton golf Club.  The rain stopped in time for the start of the competition and the competitors enjoyed the course which was in good condition.

Ayrshire players did very well as the results show:

Scratch winners:

1.  Donna Jackson and Liz Stewart (Renfrewshire)
2.  Lesley Lloyd and Fiona Scott ( Lanarkshire)
3. Catherine Malcolm and Debbie Watt (Ayrshire)

Handicap winners:

1.  Margaret MacGregor and June Kerr (Ayrshire)
2. Margaret Miller and Jill West (Ayrshire)
3. Lilias Snodgrass and Jean Irvine (Renfrewshire)


The Jamboree begins at Cardross Golf Club on Monday (18th June).  We hope some of you can come along and support our team.

Trolley pullers are still required - if you can help please contact Sheila Shedden on 01292 267761 or e-mail on

Our team is:

Linzi Allan (West Kilbride GC);
Lesley Hendry (Largs Routenburn GC);
Connie Jaffrey (Troon Ladies GC);
Jenny Linklater (Largs GC);
Catherine Malcolm (Prestwick St. Nicholas GC);
Mhairi McKay (West Kilbride GC);
Rachel McQueen (Troon Ladies GC);
Audrey Thompson (Loudon GC);

Reserve: Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie GC).