Results of the Monday morning foursomes - Ayrshire v Lanarkshire (Ayrshire names first)

Rachel McQueen and Connie Jaffrey lost to Mary Hughes and Lesley Lloyd  -1
Lesley Hendry and Jenny Linklater drew with Susan McGrenachan and Susan Wood
Linzi Allan and Mhairi McKay beat Fiona Morris and Ruth Rankin   +1

Results of the afternoon singles:

Rachel McQueen lost to Susan Wood -1
Lesley Hendry beat Emma Caddow +1
Catherine Malcolm lost to Susan McGranachan  -1
Audrey Thomson lost to Fiona  Morris 3/2
Linzi Allan lost to Ruth Rankin -1
Jenny Linklater lost to Lesley Lloyd 2/1

Points after day 1:  Ayrshire   2.5   Lanarkshire   6.5

 Renfrewshire   6.5                    D&A  2.5.

County Championship Cardross
Day 2                                     Ayrshire               v                          D & A

Linzi Allan                                                                                        Nichola Ferguson
Mhairi McKay                    Lost 3/2                                                Jill Meldrum                      

Lesley Hendry                                                   v                               Anne Laing                                         
Jenny Linklater                  all square                                          Jordan Ferrie                                     

Audrey Thompson                                          v                     Laura McGeachy                             
Connie Jaffrey                   won 8/6                                     Lorraine Campbell          

Total                                      1.5                                                          1.5                         

Lesley Hendrie    lost to Nichola Ferguson    1 hole
Rachel McQueen beat Jordan Ferrie               1 hole
Connie Jaffrey beat Sheena McDonald           3/2
Catherine Malcolm lost to Laura McGeachy  1 hole
Audrey Thomson lost to Jull Meldrum            1 hole
Mhairi McKay lost to Anne Laing                  2/1

Total for day 2     Ayrshire 3.5     D&A 5.5
                                  Renfrewshire   7      Lanarkshire  2             



Audrey Thomson and Connie Jaffrey losr 6/5 to Alyson McKechin and Eilidh Briggs
Lesley Hendry and Jenny Linklater drew with Megan Briggs and Lindsay Stevenson
Linzi Allan and Catherine Malcolm won 3/2 v Donna Jackson and Liz Stewart

Rachael McQueen lost 5/4 v Alyson McKechin
Lesley Hendry won 3/2 v Donna Jackson
Connie  Jaffrey lost 6/5 v Linsey Stevenson
Mhairi McKay lost 2 down v Eilidh Briggs
Linzi Allan lost 2/1 v gillian Kyle
Catherine Malcolm lost 7/6 v Megan Briggs

Ayrshire 2.5   Renfrewshire  6.5
Lanarkshire 6   D and A  3

The County champions are Renfrewshire