Runners Up at County Finals 2011

What a team I had. They all played fantastic golf, excelling all expectations.

Congratulations to you all.

Thank you to all the caddies who travelled down to Dumfires, you are invaluable assistance to the players.


Karen Marshall & Wendy Nicholson v Catherine Malcolm & Debbie Watt
Marshall & Nicholson WON 3&2 1 0
Sally Shepherd & Linda Bain v Lesley Hendry & Jenny Linklater
Hendry & Linklater WON 2 holes 0 1
Jane Turner & Gabrielle Macdonald v Audrey Thompson & Connie Jaffrey
Turner & Macdonald WON 2 holes 1 0

Karen Marshall v Catherine Malcolm                                Malcolm WON 2 holes
Kate McIntosh v Gillian Arnott                                          McIntosh WON 5&3
Wendy Nicholson v Lesley Arnott                                     Nicholson WON 3&1
Kirsten Blackwood v Jenny Linklater                                 Linklater WON 2&1
Gabrielle Macdonald v Audrey Thompson                         Macdonald WON 4&3
Jane Turner v Connie Jaffrey                                             Turner WON 2&1


Jordana Graham & Emma Greenlees v Lesley Hendry & Jenny Linklater
Hendry & Linklater WON 3&2
Diane Macdonald & Lindsay Kirkwood v Gillian Arnott & Debbie Watt
Halfed Match
Rachel Walker & Katie McCracken v Connie Jaffrey & Audrey Thompson
Jaffrey & Thompson WON 7&5

Diane Macdonald v Connie Jaffrey                   Macdonald WON 6&4
Jordana Graham v Jenny Linklater                    Linklater WON 5&4
Emma Greenlees v Debbie Watt                      Greenlees WON 2&1
Katie McCracken v Gillian Arnott                    Arnott WON 4&3
Lindsay Kirkwood v Lesley Hendry                 Hendry WON 5&3
Rachel Walker v Audrey Thompson                Thompson WON 2holes
AYRSHIRE V PERTH & KINROSS  Sunday afternoon
Catherine Malcolm v Jill Milne                           Milne WON 3&2 
Jenny Linklater v Fiona Ramsay                         Linklater WON 4&3
Gillian Arnott v Steph Crolla                              Half match
Lesley Hendry v Nicola Robertson                    Hendry WON 4&3
Audrey Thompson v Eilidh Watson                   Watson WON 4&3
Connie Jaffrey v Emily Ogilvy                            Jaffrey WON 2 holes

Saturday Afternoon

The greenstaff did a fantastic job to get the last few holeas of our foursomes playes on the Saturday. Two junior club members cleared the above 18th green 4 times during the suspention of play.

Team for County Finals

 The full teamt to represent Ayrshire at County Finals is as below
Gilliam Arnott
Alex Glennie
Lesley Hendry
Jenny Linklater
Connie Jaffrey
Catherine Malcolm
Audrey Thomson
Debbie Watt

Isabels Golf Quiz

Thank you to all of you who sent in your completed sheets.
In the end there was one clear winner
Mrs Nancy Chisholm,
Many congratulations Nancy.
Click on the link below to see the answers.