What lovely weather we had for our foursomes today, the Club were most apologetic for the delays with the catering, I think they were a bit busier than anticipated!  I certainly enjoyed my lunch and I think, for a small club, they looked after us well and it was good to be able to give them some business.

To the results -

1st Handicap Sheila Adams and Aileen Anderson, Loudoun, 82-11=71 bih
2nd Handicap Alex Glennie and Anne Edgar, Barassie, 81-10=71
3rd Handicap Liz Wilson and Linda McDonald, Barassie, 83-9.5=73.5

1st Scratch Catherine Malcolm, St Cuthbert and Debbie Watt, Belleisle, 80 bih
2nd Scratch Audrey Thompson and Liz Keohone, Loudoun, 80

The following ladies are available and have qualified for the Inter County 4's at Hamilton Golf Club on Monday 6 June -

Catherine and Debbie
Audrey and Liz

Alex and Anne
Liz and Linda
Helen McGibbon and Fiona Brawley, Barassie, 83-9=74
Rona Lockie, Troon Ladies, and Liz Leggate, Barassie, 100-24=76

The following are available and have qualified for the Commonwealth Spoons at Eyemouth Golf Club on Wednesday 7 September -

Alex Glennie and Anne Edgar
Liz Wilson and Linda McDonald
Helen McGibbon and Fiona Brawley

A very good day at the County for Barassie Ladies as all 3 of the couples are from there

Well done ladies and I hope you enjoyed your day