We had a fabulous week weather wise at the Jamboree at Haggs Castle
Golf Club
Our team hit the ball as well as other players from opposing Counties
but we did struggle with the pace of the greens .It was a close call at
the end of the 3 days and our team did well with some very good wins.

Thanks to Vice Captain Liz, Caddie Mistress Eleanor and to all our
Caddies. Many thanks to my girls, I am really proud of the Ayrshire

There is a fantastic atmosphere at the Jamboree and Ayrshire look
forward to hosting the Championship next year. In 2015 the Jamboree
will be held at Loudoun Gowf Club from 15h to 17th June.


The Team
More photos above under 'ALCGA Pictures'

Final Places:
1.   Renfrewshire     5 match points    individual games 16½
2.  Lanarkshire       5 match points    individual games  16
3.   Dunbarton & Argyll  1 match point   individual games  11½
4.  Ayrshire   1 match point   individual games  10
Congratulations to Renfrewshire!
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