Renfrewshire are the county champions with 6 points
2nd Lanarkshire with 4 points
3rd Ayrshire with 2 points
4th Dunbarton & Argyll 0 points

An excellent championship with lovely weather for the 3 days. Thanks to
all the team, Caddy Mistress Sheila and all the trolley pullers

More pictures of our team and supporters on the Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire websites - links from home page.

County Championship Day Three
Dumbarton and Argyll v Ayrshire
Foursomes Results
Jenny Linklater&Mhairi McKay
V                                                                                   Won 3/1              
Nichola Ferguson & Jill Meldrum

Connie Jaffrey & Audrey Thompson
V                                                                           Won3/1                                                                                                                                                                                        
Aileen Baker & Sheena McDonald

Roz Purdom& Katie McGarva
V                                                                       Lost 3/2
Anne Laing & CathySkinner                                                                                      

Singles results
 Connie Jaffrey  v       Jill Meldrum              lost 1down                                        
Mhairi McKay     v     Lorraine Campbell   lost 1down                                        
Emma Hale        v      Nichola Ferguson      won 5/4                                   
Katie McGarva  v     Laura McGeachy         won 6/4                      
Jenny Linklater  v    Sheena McDonald      won 5/4                    
Audrey Thompson  v      Anne Laing           won 1up                            

 Total Dumbarton & Argyll      3          Ayrshire  6 (=2points)
Total Lanarkshire                             Renfrewshire

County Championship Day Two
Renfrewshire v Ayrshire
Foursomes Results:
Connie Jaffrey & Audrey Thompson
V                                                                Lost 4/3                                                     
Alyson McKechin&Eilidh Briggs                         0 points

Alex Glennie& Emma Hale        
V                                                              Won4/3                                                                                                                                                            
Donna Jackson & Gillian Kyle                            1 point

Jenny Linklater&Mhairi McKay
V                                                           Lost 3/1                                                       
Megan Briggs & Carol Whyte                          0 points

 Singles results
 Connie Jaffrey  v    Alyson McKechin  lost 3/2   0 points                           
Katie McGarva  v   Eilidh Briggs             lost 7/6   0 points 
Roz Purdom      v    Megan Briggs      lost 1down  0 points                          
Audrey Thompson  v  Iona Stevens  won 6/5       1 point           
Alex Glennie      v     llian    McGinlay   won 4/3    1point
Emma Hale        v     Carol Whyte        lost 6/4      0 points                         

Total Renfrewshire 6  Ayrshire3
 Total Dumbarton & Argyll 3.5 Lanarkshire 5.5

County Championship  Day One
 AFTER DAY 1:                   Lanarkshire 6     Ayrshire 3
                                              D & A 1.5            Renfrewshire 7.5

Lanarkshire V Ayrshire
Foursomes results:

Connie Jaffrey & Audrey Thompson
V                                                                    AS                  1/2 point                         RachelCassidy &Lesley Lloyd                                                                          

Alex Glennie& Jenny Linklater                 lost 6/4          0 points               
Fiona Morris & Jenny Potter

Roz Purdom& Emma Hale                     lost 2/1             0 points
Susan Wood & Susan McGrenaghan

 Singles results
Emma Caddow V Connie Jaffrey      won 4/3     1 point

Fiona Morris v Emma Hale               all square     1/2 point 

Susan Wood V Jenny Linklater        lost 5/4         0 points

Jenny Potter V Alex Glennie            won 1up       1 point

Ruth Rankin V Katie McGarva       lost 4/3          0 points

Rachel Cassidy V Mhairi McKay     lost 4/3         0 points